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We represent sellers and buyers of radio stations,
We only do three things.......

  • We represent sellers of radio stations.
  • We represent buyers of radio stations.
  • We prepare Fair Market Value reports for radio stations.
Radio Station Broker
Our Pledge
We promise to our clients and prospects that the material contained in our Information Memorandums has been thoroughly researched and verified to be best of our ability.  We work to include the information that is necessary for a prospective buyer to quickly analyze the opportunity.
Radio Station Sellers
We Represent Sellers
We represent owners of radio stations on an exclusive basis, and work to find the best possible buyer.
Radio Station Buyers
We Represent Buyers
We represent buyers in the acquisition of an identified property or we search for a property(s) that fits our client's needs.
We represent NCE stations
Non-Commercial Educational
We represent buyers and sellers of NCE properties, nationwide.  We know how to get NCE transactions completed.
Brokers Group
Independent Brokers' Group
We are part of a group of four independent firms working together to expand nationwide coverage.  We can work together to get tough deals done.
Sale Prep
Preparing to Sell
We like long-term relationships and we can work with owners before a property is "for sale" to get it positioned and ready to take to market.  We know what buyers.
Fair Market Valuations
We are a leading and trusted source of radio station valuations.  We are known for the accuracy of our valuation reports.
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Sun Lakes, Arizona 85248
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