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Clifton Gardiner & Company, LLC

We represent buyers and sellers of radio stations, nationwide.

CliftoCliff Small Web view1n Gardiner & Company, LLC provides experienced and professional brokerage representation to buyers and sellers of radio stations and other media properties. We represent our clients on an exclusive basis, and devote all of our resources to achieving a successful completion of a transaction. We are known for the accuracy and completeness of our Memorandums and for our very thorough search for possible buyers. Marketing a “for sale” listing is not a “passive” activity. We work hard from day one!

Our listings are only accepted on an exclusive basis so that we have complete control of the marketing process, and we maintain active and continuing contact with our clients.

Similarly, when we represent a buyer, we thoroughly research the market and the prospective target property so that we can accomplish the goals set out by our client in a timely manner. Our longtime industry experience helps insure a successful outcome.

Our information memorandums are carefully prepared and include all of the information usually required by a buyer to determine quickly if he/she will have an interest in pursuing the opportunity.  We can then gather any additional information that is requested.  We have been known for many years for the completeness and accuracy of the presentation

When we represent a buyer, we take the same approach......we carefully research the property using multiple data sources, as well as having detailed conversations with the owner.  After over 35 years, our name is well known in the industry, helping assure us of access to owners.  And, we know all of the “right” questions to ask.

36 years, with over 345 completed transactions

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We were ranked by SNL Kagan as the number two radio broker for 2015 with $57 million in deal volume.

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