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We represent buyers and sellers of radio stations, nationwide.


Selling a radio station in today’s economy can be “challenging”, especially in medium and smaller sized markets.  Fortunately, the financial performance of most stations has improved during the past three or four years, essentially back to the level before the big downturn in the economy.  The problem is...... the difficulty for buyers, especially new entrants in the business, to obtain satisfactory and adequate financing. 

We represent sellers of radio stations on an exclusive basis.  (Unlike some brokers, we do not handle “pocket listings”.)  It takes a substantial investment on our part to properly prepare a complete and accurate Memorandum on the station, something we are highly regarded for over many years.  We then prepare a list of prospective buyers pulled from our years of industry experience, our extensive contacts and from industry data bases.  Finding a good buyer then is a matter of a lot of phone calls, emails and networking.  (Advertising a property for sale is difficult because most sellers want a level of confidentiality and also because there just aren't many effective industry trade magazine vehicles.

We maintain a high level of communication with our clients and deliver weekly activity reports.  If confidentiality is important, we respect that and are very careful with the process.

Marketing a “for sale” listing is not a “passive” activity.  We work hard from day one!

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