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We represent buyers and sellers of radio stations, nationwide.

Independent Brokers Group

Four veteran broadcast industry brokerage firms have formed a consortium to provide an expanded level of service to each participating company’s clients.  Each brokerage firm maintains its individual ownership, but the consortium allows collaboration between the companies in order to expedite the sale of listed properties, when needed.

The arrangement recognizes that individual firms working together can provide an additional layer of excellent, financially qualified buyer prospects for their exclusive listings.  Also, the group can offer substantially greater coverage, with members in all geographical areas of the country.

The members participate in frequent conference calls to discuss active listings and share information on prospects.  Members occasionally bring a prospective buyer to the member with the listing, and share commissions when a sale closes.  The members actively communicate with each other and discuss industry information and trends.

The Members are:

  Clifton Gardiner & Company, LLC

  Gammon Miller LLC

   Kozacko Media Services

   The Exline Company