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Clifton Gardiner & Company, LLC

We represent buyers and sellers of radio stations, nationwide.


We maintain a confidential data base of prospective buyers, with information as to what type, size or location of broadcast properties that they would have an interest in buying.  Please email your contact information and a complete description of your possible acquisition target(s).

However, many times we are aware of a property that could be for sale, but the owner doesn’t want it known to employees or competitors.  We are very careful to respect that confidentiality, and only take the information to a prospect after approval by the owner.  Even then, we don’t work on these properties if another broker is out with the information.

This will enable us to contact you immediately if such properties become available.  We only take listings on an exclusive basis, so you will not be bothered with a contact from us on another broker’s listing or simply a “rumor”.  And remember, your information will be totally confidential.  Please email us with your information.

Clifton Gardiner & Company produces a monthly email with thumbnail descriptions of our active radio station for sale listings.  Please click here to be added to the list.


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